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First Jiggy | [Accidental Voice/Action] | Crappy Intro!

[It's not every day that you wake up after a particularly good game of kick-the-disembodied-witch-skull-around to discover you are very much not at Spiral Mountain. Or... anywhere you even vaguely recognize. Even if you are a first-class adventuring hero.

Naturally, Kazooie was inclined to blame this on Banjo, because there was no way she'd be stupid enough to get totally lost in her sleep. But Banjo was nowhere to be seen, not even after a good look around with the Amaze-O-Gaze goggles. This was unusual, to say the least - unusual and unsettling. Even if Banjo wasn't exactly the sharpest crayon in the box, it was silly for him to just go off on his own. After all, who was gonna protect him? She was clearly the faster and stronger adventurer - he needed her! What did he think he was doing, going off without her?

But first, to inspect the area, like any real hero. Can't go looking for Banjo without discovering some obvious pathways! ... Which are suspiciously absent from this strange forest she's in. Huh.]

Hey... there's nothing here except a book! No nests of Eggs, Feathers, Notes or anything... What kind of place is this, exactly?! It's weirder than Cloud Cuckooland - at least that had music! [Kazooie scoffs loudly, scratching a claw irritably against the foreign dirt.] And boring... what a dumb place to go to have an adventure! Pah, like the bear would pick anywhere good...

[... Wait, didn't old Winky say something about getting Banjo and Kazooie back in Banjo-Threeie? So this was probably it, huh? (Man, that witch could put herself back together fast.) But Kazooie could live with that - maybe she got to be the main character this time! Or maybe it was like the time she got kidnapped for awhile - only it was Banjo's turn to get kidnapped by the hag, and meanwhile Kazooie could be a hero and kick her butt and rescue the furry lug! Either option was one Kazooie was satisfied with for the time being, even if this was a pretty lame sequel so far. And that meant the book was probably important.

Wait - it's got her name on it. It has to be important. So Kazooie picks it up in her beak carelessly and stuffs it under a wing - if it worked for Canary Mary, it'll work for her for a bit, right?

Then she points herself down the nearest tangle of trees and starts trotting through the forest - so much like Pine Grove on the Isle O' Hags, except... it just goes on forever.]

Man, where's a silo when you need one?

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[What the heck is that?

It's a bird. With two sets of wings. Carrying a book.

Oh, must be a New Feather.]

Hey, the village is that way.

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[Well okay then.]

Whatever. I was going to tell you about the guide, but I guess you don't need stuff like that, since you obviously know so much.

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Not here it doesn't.

[Mike... will probably be walking away at this point. You're a weird-looking bird, you've got attitude and if it comes to that you can just fly to the village. Rydia or someone will probably take pity on you there. He's done his good deed for the day and he's sort of in the middle of training. See ya.]

Hi fellow video game pal!

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[Well, OK, Peach got... a lot of info these past two days and she doesn't know how exactly she should react to those. She got some shoes though, but she's still wearing that white gown they gave her upon arrival. Not really the time to go 'shopping' while she still confused as hell.

And... well, big walking talking bird. Not really a surprise there. She is used to unusual things anyway.]

Hey, hm... Did you just arrive too?

I was so excited to see a Kazooie when i saw the apps XD

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[OK, not the 'nicest' bird she ever met, but then again she got to known some really obnoxious people in the past days, so that really isn't the worst that bird could say.]

I didn't see anyone like that, sorry.

Do you, hm, want help looking for him? [Because, even though Peach is as lost as she can be, she still wants to be helpful.]

Awh <3 Maaaan, it has been forever since I played Banjo Kazooie in any shape or form...

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I.... don't remember hearing anything about someone called Grunty around here. It seems like someone called Malnosso is behind people being dragged to this place. Or so I've been told.

And I think finding your friend isn't really going to be enough to take you out of here... [She hates breaking bad news to people, but it's better than hiding the truth.]


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[Things you don't see every day in Luceti: big, talking animals.

Things that totally ping Ven: big, talking animals.

So, of course he's going over to see what's up.]

Hey, are you new here?


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[Blinkblink. That's a new one...]

Well, what kinda stuff do you wanna know?


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[That's... a lot of questions at once. Ven blinks a few times and then rubs the back of his neck. If nothing else, she sure does get to the point.]

Well, this place is called Luceti, but I don't think there're any Juggies around. [Whatever those are.]

And we're all kinda stuck here, too. Nobody's been able to find a way out of this world.


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Re: action

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Re: action

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: action

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[You're not alone in this forest Kazooie.]

You're from Cloud Cuckooland? [Really? Really?]

This place is called Luceti.

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Oh. [Knuckles was not expecting that answer.] Why?

And it's a name you're going to have to get used to I'm afraid.

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[Great, a glory seeking wannabe hero.]

I haven't heard of anyone called Grundy around here. And there is more things wrong with this place than it's name.

I'm sorry to tell you this. But the people who wake up here are stuck here.



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[Eggman just so happens to be walking in the forest this day, looking for innocent animals to capture for an experiment or two. He's sticking to the path so far, wondering where a good spot to actually enter the forest would be.

But what's this? An animal just wandering around on the path ahead of him. Some weird looking bird. Perfect! Probably kind of big compared to his usual catches, but it saves an annoying trip into the wilderness. Here goes nothing!]

Ah ha! [Eggman begins a full on sprint towards the red bird, launching himself into the air and diving towards it as he gets closer.] Gotcha!


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[Looks like the good doctor got more than he bargained for. The attack sends Eggman onto his back, landing painfully on his wings.] Oof! [He flails about a bit, and then drags himself back to his feet, taking a few steps back.]

W-what did you just call me, bird brain?!


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[Eggman stops rubbing his back and balls his fists in anger.] What did you just say?! I'll have you stuffed and served up for dinner, you loud-mouthed little buzzard!


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