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Kazooie ([personal profile] talontrot) wrote2011-10-15 10:41 pm

Second Jiggy | [Action/Voice] | Action part slightly backdated to this morning

[Okay, so Kazooie had finally experienced one of those experiment things. And it was actually kind of exciting! Weird, but exciting. She couldn't complain too much... except now things were back to normal. And boring again. What's a hero to do?

Why, go shopping, of course! This morning sees a breegull set out bright and comparitively early for the Item Shop, as she's done almost daily since she's come to Luceti. With the same kind of dogged persistence she uses to search for Jiggies, Jinjos, and the like, she's been trying to locate her backpack and kazoo. And now, finally, her patience is rewarded: the bright blue bugle-like kazoo, and the equally bright blue, Rare-symbol-embroidered backpack, are sitting right there on the shelf for her to claim. And claim them she does!]


[... Anybody in the vicinity might be drawn to the strains of a certain theme, played by the aforementioned instrument, or by the sight of a very excited-looking little red bird carrying a backpack as large as her entire torso.]

[Later on in the day, Kazooie sits down at her journal, intending to give voice to ideas that have been floating around in her head since the end of the draft.]

So, something I've been wondering for awhile - I know a bunch of the people here are good fighters, but how many of you are heroes? [She pauses for effect a moment, before elaborating on her explanation.] Y'know - goes out, rescues little girls from big ol' witches, finds peoples' lost stuff for them, collects a bunch of items, beats up bad guys who're threatening to take everybody's life force - stuff like that. I've met a couple other heroes, but I wanna know who else is kickin' around in this dump!

[This is partially scoping out her competition. But she has another motive, one she announces after a second of deep thought - well, for her, anyway.]

... Y'see, I've been thinking of throwing a party for us. A real party. Something with plenty of exciting stuff to do - 'cause it gets boring here sometimes when the Malnosso-guys aren't doing anything. That Rec Centre place was great, and I think it needs some livening up again! And it's up to someone as awesome as me to do it.

[With that, she smirks with satisfaction and leans back, waiting for the inevitable deluge of replies. As if she'll actually get any.]

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