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Kazooie ([personal profile] talontrot) wrote1998-06-30 12:00 am
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Thread Log (Concept Blatantly Stolen From Smarter People)

This is the way-too-long-and-never-really-finished thread log for Kazooie, stolen blatantly from people who are much smarter and better at making thread logs. Contents are roughly sequentially ordered, though I could be horribly wrong, and include anything that isn't already on this journal (that includes logs that I made in the [livejournal.com profile] lucetilogs community).

So without further ado, horrible thread log go!

Last updated: August 13



*Jul 24 - Nobody...
*Jul 24 - The Librarian
*Jul 27 - Dr. Robotnik
*Jul 27 - Lina
*Jul 28 - Ginia
*Jul 30 - Grune
*Jul 31 - Chi


*Aug 01 - Daisy
*Aug 01 - Wheatley
*Aug 01 - Masaomi, Link
*Aug 01 - Bepo
*Aug 02 - Bil
*Aug 03 - Pommy

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