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This is the way-too-long-and-never-really-finished thread log for Kazooie, stolen blatantly from people who are much smarter and better at making thread logs. Contents are roughly sequentially ordered, though I could be horribly wrong, and include anything that isn't already on this journal (that includes logs that I made in the [livejournal.com profile] lucetilogs community).

So without further ado, horrible thread log go!

Last updated: August 13


July 2011 )

August 2011 )
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For any mundane, non-critical interactions with the Egg-slinging cartoon bird here, whether it be poking her for whatever reason, maintaining continuity, throwing her an item, or in general doing something that isn't momentous enough to require a whole post or log for it.

Please copy and paste the following for the first comment in any new thread you're starting. Thanks in advance! :3

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Hopefully this won't need anything more specific, but... just to sort of kickstart things, here's permissions for Kazooie!

Feel free to poke this post with any questions or concerns.

Hiding all the tl;dr here )
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There isn't a ton of information on Kazooie out there, but sources and whatnot can always go here! 8D

Some information for Kazooie here! )

The New, Improved Character Survey of Doom (WIP!) )
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Kazooie is a very different kind of character for me to play, and I'd appreciate all the help I can get! Please feel free to leave any kind of comment for me, and constructive criticism is always appreciated.

IP logging is off, anonymous commenting is on, and all comments are screened. (Though I'll unscreen them to reply to them [I can rescreen them if you prefer], so if you'd rather something be totally private, please PM me.)


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