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Eighth Jiggy | [Voice/Action] | Happy birthday...?


[This particular announcement begins with a close-up on one slightly-irritated looking breegull's face. The journal has gotten easier to open without hands, but it's still not always a cakewalk.

After a moment, though, her beak shifts into something resembling a smile - a little mocking, perhaps, but a smile nonetheless.]

So. Some heck of a birthday I have, right? Village looks like a pile of junk, Malnosso-guys going nuts, some dumb draft thing they didn't send me on, all this crud. And on top of all that, I still got my "present" from the Malnosso-guys to worry about. [She looks down at her wings pointedly to emphasize this.] So. Gotta cheer this place up a little, I think!

First 'n' foremost. It's my birthday today - s'when my first game came out, Banjo-Kazooie - so none of you had better forget! And I'm gonna need something really awesome. Maybe something even cooler than my hero party! As well as tons of presents, because a party's not a party without some presents -

[... but there is another problem, too.]

- whenever all this junk gets cleaned up, anyway. Is that even ever gonna happen? The fat ol' hag's cruddy amusement park looked better kept-up than this place and I was clearing out like half of the stupid stuff on the ground!

Anyway. [Almost idly, but:] How many of you other guys've had birthdays here? And what's it like for you weird non-cartoony-types, what with that getting-older thing and all?

[And because she can't filter:] Oh, hey, anybody know how to make some... I dunno, fake robot-y wings or something? [Eggman would be proud.] Marco said somethin' about "blacksmiths", whatever the heck that means.


[Okay, so having a party now isn't really feasible. Some of the Pony House is missing, the whole village is still messy and broken (though it starts repairing later today!) and in general everything is a shambles. But this doesn't stop Kazooie from poking through the Item Shop and Weapons Shop for her Eggs and some decent snack food for her birthday.

People might catch her trying to awkwardly scoop chips - or crisps, as she'd call them; seed and nut mixes, candy and other assorted foods - perhaps even a whole cake - into a bag with the blunt hind-wings, or otherwise struggling with her items (but totally not asking for help or anything because that's lame) while she tries to navigate the shops. But eventually she'll get them outside! And maybe make a spectacle of herself eating them near or around the Fountain because she loves being the centre of attention. Come up and talk to her! She'll regale you with tales of her epic video game series.]
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[... Birthday. A time for celebration, huh? With gifts and friends and stuff. Chien doesn't even know when he was born, much less there be cause for a party of any kind. His birth was just a curse. But he has something to tell her anyway!]

I-I finished your game! Well, Soren did. He's a pretty good player for a bird. All of that really happened to you?

[... oh right.]

And happy birthday, by the way. I guess.
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It was really cool! You're a pretty powerful hero. What else should I play?

[game recs from a game character AWWW YEAAAH]
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[Mah-ri-oh. M-a-r-e-o? Maybe. Something like that. He's been learning to read okay! He'll have to be on the lookout for those and stuff.]

Got it. Uh... How've you been?

[seems only fair to ask really they haven't talked in so long and he remembers something about clipped wings sometime and metal wings reminds him of Skarmy.]
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If you ever need metal or anything like that, you should look for Shiemi. She has a bird whose wings are made of it, and when their feathers drop off they're still really useful.

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Hey, Kaz; happy birthday. Sorry it ain't all as nice as it should be... but it's good t'see ya, anyway.
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[He brightens upon hearing his pal's voice, although purses his lips at the latter remark.]

...Yeah, tell me about it. Still tryin' t'clear up some a' the branches. Least it ain't lookin' as bad as it was last week, though.
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Fire Eggs, huh?

[How's that work? Did that mean they were scrambled inside?]
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Whoa - so it's like havin' your own fire grenades... what's it even look like? Jus' a regular white or brown egg like the ones in a store?

[He sure hopes not.]
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I'd like t'see it! ...Jus' hope it don' end up scarin' people or burnin' things down when we try it. Gotta be real careful an' all.

[Explosions are definitely cool in films, but an accidental raging fire here in Luceti would be a disaster to say the least. And in the wake of a draft and a flood, that would be the last thing anyone would need to deal with.]
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[Syre's out trying to get some food for her own use -- she hasn't eaten much since she's returned, and that's certainly not wise -- when she spots the breegull awkwardly attempting to slide things into her bag.]

[You didn't ask for it, Kazooie, but you now have Syre helping you smoothly transition those items from shelf/table to bag.]

[She's also helping because Gods Above, it's a bird shopping for food, and therefore must get a closer look at you.]
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I'd like to say Happy Birthday.
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We've only spoken once or twice, but it's a birthday, so I thought it might be alright to send my good wishes. I'm Ami Mizuno.
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I'm sorry, I haven't. I never had much time to play video games. I'd like to try it, though. [Mostly since it seems like it will help her in getting along with Kazooie.]
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I might not be very good, since I haven't played it before... [Her assessment is not entirely accurate.]
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Will you show me the controls and commands before I begin?
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Happy birthday, Kazooie. [She'd figured that Kazooie had a birthdate, but...she didn't expect it to be something like this.] How old are you today? ['Cause you sure still look like a spring chicken! Minus the whole mutilated wings and all.]