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La la la Equestria Kazooie crap

H'okay! Well, just like Robert, I am making a dump of text and general info for Equestria Kazooie and the information that will change about her as a result. As before, this will probably be edited a lot, and since I am largely canon-blind I may make inaccurate claims and mistakes. If I do, lemme know and I'll fix it ASAP! o/`

As before, thanks to everybody who's helped me brain MLP - especially Mega, for putting up with my questions. o/` (Also the MLP wiki.)


Initial Visit:

... Gonna have to check! I'll ask Mega about it (maybe will nip over to Rainbow Dash's app after I post this etc.) and take a look myself... /derp

AU History:

For the purposes of real-time passage (or as much as can be assumed what with a series like MLP) Kazooie will age like "normal", instead of (as in B-K canon) having her own early life handwaved. As she doesn't fourth-wall herself in Equestria, this is an important distinction; she needs to be able to tell that she's had a life, so to speak.

Much of this is still tentative, as I don't know much about the canon passage of time within the MLP series, but Mega estimates the length of the canon as being at least a year, if not longer. If one assumes Kazooie is about 16 to 17 years old (which puts her on about the same age as the ponies as per Laurent Faust) mentality-wise, and assume that since horses grow up quickly it explains their rapid maturation, Kazooie's life could've been anywhere from a few years to a good decade. Most likely, though, she's at least 4 or 5 years old PHYSICALLY (not necessarily mentally! Birds grow up pretty fast too) and thus will have been around for some time before the "start" of the canon.

As such, she will live through all the major events of the series up until Rainbow Dash's canon point, which will serve as her "present".

Keep in mind that Kazooie arrived on June 23, 2011. She has been in Luceti about eight months, now! Reference back to canon vis a vis that point.

AU Personality:

Much of Kazooie's base personality will remain relatively similar to her OU self. However, there will be some major shifts in her own interpretation of herself as a being, and in relation to the greater world she inhabits.

The most major change is cultural. B-Kverse lacks a distinct culture, and even outside some of the rare cultural events (see: kickball tournament between Jinjos and Moles) Kazooie lives separated from them, alone with Banjo (and previously his sister Tooty) in a hut on Spiral Mountain, otherwise mostly uninhabited. She was pretty separated from people in OU; this means her viewpoint on life is limited largely to her own experiences and her heroic life, which she knows is unique but still chooses to define much of the world by as she has no other context.

By contrast, AU Equestriazooie, being raised relatively near Ponyville, has influence from pony culture, primarily being aware of the sociocultural standards of ponies and taking after them despite being from another species. (She will be viewed as "different", though not necessarily in a bad way, rather than in B-Kverse where her difference was barely ever even acknowledged, except in a praising way.) This isn't unprecedented in the series; Spike is another example of a non-pony being raised by ponies to adopt into pony culture. Additionally, ponyisms (such as "somepony") are at use by even non-pony members of Equestria, so it shows a sort of dominant-culture mindset as per ponies in Equestria. (It's similar to how non-humans adopt human conventions in most fantasy universes.) So AU Kazooie is much more aware of others, in the sense of noticing both... an overall cultural presence and also being a more generally-willing-to-acknowledge-others sort of individual. It's a part of her new general cultural mindset - pony culture is very focused on friendship, and even if cruel individuals exist, they still operate within the knowledge of gentleness, kindness, and friendship being the default. Of course, she will understand Equestrian physics and biology in the same way a typical pony would understand them.

AU Kazooie also has an extremely major change in that she no longer has a concept of being a fictional character. Much of OU Kazooie's perspectives on her own life are from the realization that she is not real in the same way other people are real. She is aware of her world being created and designed for her benefit, with things set up in just the right way to allow her to triumph. No such knowledge will exist for AU Kazooie - she will only be cognizant of a world that operates the way it does because it does. There will be no "the creators made me that way" to explain it, per se. (Though Celestia and Luna are goddesses to an extent; ask about whether they could be deemed to be so? Etc.?) Instead, Kazooie will have a new perspective on her world, perceiving it as real in the same way Earth is real. Her only knowledge of creators will be the god[dess/es] of her world...

Her personality is overall tempered a bit by her less-heroic life. Even if she does get involved in what the Mane 6 get themselves up to, she doesn't operate with the same very-limited (read: herself, Banjo, and possibly Bottles/Mumbo/Wumba? Arguably the Jinjos?) group of assistants - the Mane 6 certainly do not operate in the same way as a platformer hero does. So AU Kazooie will be a little less boastful, and aware of the abilities of others - particularly the abilities of ponies, whom she will be clearly cognizant of and possibly even occasionally openly deferent to, depending on which pony it is. (Luna in particular might earn this behaviour.)

While OU Kazooie is outgoing and cheerful, AU Kazooie will have her... friendliness pronounced a little more. She will be somewhat kinder, even if she is still prone to snarking, selfishness and boastful conceitedness - she will be more willing to share, and more willing to go out of her way to help others even if she doesn't get a reward. These concepts will seem normal to her, rather than foreign to OU Kazooie, who was largely self-subsistent and didn't feel like she needed to rely on anybody except maybe Banjo, and so scoffed at those who did. (However, more willing does not mean totally willing. She will still probably be less so than the average pony.)

Having never been kidnapped by Mecha-Grunty, Kazooie may not have a fear of robots, but she'd still be claustrophobic. Most birds are. It just may not be as intense, unless a canon happening could cause something similar. 8|a

... There's probably other stuff but can't brain it ATM.

Equestria Physics and Biology:

In contrast to the largely-outright-silly physics of B-Kverse, Equestria's natural processes are generally pony-operant and rely on sapient guidance. The Everfree Forest, which does not operate by such processes, is seen as a foreign and frightening, "unnatural" place. (B-Kverse never questions its own gaffes, as it fourth-walls itself to the point where it's unnecessary to.) Kazooie will probably share this attitude, and will initially express shock (on her "remembered arrival" in Luceti, she will recall basically linefacing at all these processes happening without pony assistance).

Magic in Ponyverse is much different from the weird physics of B-Kverse. While they make an equivalent amount of sense (roughly zero), there is at least an in-world explanation for the former. Kazooie won't be truly capable of it, not being a pony/unicorn, but she is capable of some innate abilities that Equestrian birds are able to - namely, standing on clouds (meaning she can successfully visit Cloudsdale). Unknown if she can interact with them in any way besides, though.

Kazooie will keep some of her OU abilities - anything Egg-related won't work, but her basic attacks and moves should stay mostly the same, and she shouldn't require any items to pull them off. No more relying on Flight Pads to fly! Unsure if she can do something similar to a Beak Bomb, though - rainbooms would be too fast for her most likely. Get specifics here!

AU Kazooie's "special talent" will probably be related to making music - it will explain her name. All sapients have special talents in Ponyverse, to tie into the theme of uniqueness and accepting differences; however, only ponies get cutie marks based on said differences, so Kazooie won't have one of those.

Effects on Luceti CR/History:

The most prominent change between AU Kazooie and OU Kazooie CR is that Kazooie will be nicer. If she has been rude to a character consistently, this should probably stay the same, but people who she's randomly snarked at may not have gotten such a mean response. This most prominently affects her relationships with Eggman, around which a strange blend of mutual antagonism and snark evolved. Instead, her relationship with him will probably look more like Rainbow Dash's.

... Speaking of Dash, Kazooie and her will probably be even closer during this AU; they're practically going to be soulmates what with how much they'll mesh...

Kazooie will also be generally more cheerful, and will not weird people out by claiming she's from a video game. Instead, she'll weird people out by talking about Equestria's physics like they're totally normal and understandable! (This will mean she loses the immediate connection she'd otherwise have with Oswald, who is the only other person to understand that self-fourth-walling feeling.)

Most events and the like would have been the same, or at least similar, though a few notably would have been shifted by AU Kazooie's understanding of herself. For starters, being a hero would not feel nearly so natural whenever it was emphasized...

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