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Sixth Jiggy | [Voice/Action] | Backdated to the 21st

[Sometime after the announcement for the latest mission goes up, this particularly raucous, squawking voice sounds over the journal.

Kazooie sounds nothing short of exultant, and possibly a tad more arrogant than usual.]

Looks like the Malnosso-guys got good taste for once!

[She smirks into the journal - it looks kind of silly, with a beak.] Guess who's going on this awesome mission? That's right - me! Only makes sense that they'd pick a real hero for the job. This monster thing sounds like it needs one heck of a beatdown! So I'll just have to give it one.

[She's not so sure on being accompanied by the creepy droids, though.]

Those dumb-bots they're sendin' with us had better not try anything funny, or I'll turn 'em into scrap.

[Yes, she is entirely too cocky. Judging by her casual-sounding air, this whole concept - going into a completely-new place to face a foreign hellbeast - is old hat to her. But she's probably exaggerating her own abilities by... a lot.]

Wonder if they'll let me bring a few Nests of Eggs with me? Or maybe my backpack? They'd better give us plenty of cool stuff if they want us to kick butt for 'em!

And what else do you guys usually bring on these missions, anyway? Gotta make sure I'm ready to go. Usually I'd just get Banjo to do that for me...

[After her little chat with the villagers, Kazooie will head out, intent on making the rounds in the village and saying hi to anybody she needs to meet before her mission. In particular, she'll be seeking out these people she's supposed to go with, if she hasn't talked to them already.

Also, her friends. Gotta reassure them that she'll be just fine... even if she isn't entirely cognizant of what she's going to be up against. But she's a hero, right? She can do it - no matter what the odds are, she'll make it. She's done it before; she'll do it again, as many times as it takes.

That's what being a hero is all about!]
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Well someone's got a mighty fine ego on them.

[Nezumi isn't too amused by this squawking.]
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Idiot. You're just a body for them. Do you really think they chose you because they value you?

[Nezumi will just have to tell her that, then.]
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[Nezumi's pretty sure Kazooie is the most annoying thing he's met in a long time.]

Then if you're so good, you must have been chosen a lot. Hmm?


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Cockiness is a good way to get yourself killed quickly.
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[It's his job to be a spoilsport.]

Not all the time. Over confidence can be a bad thing. You need to be ready to react to what comes at you, and ready for any surprises.
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[ Good taste? Oh please. You get an optic roll on his end. ]

I didn't realize they were asking for entertainment on these missions.

[ Troll, troll, troll. ]
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[ Just an annoyed growl. ] I'll have you know that I am one of sleekest and fastest of my kind! And if I were dumb overtaking the Decepticons would have been harder. Thankfully my insight and resourcefulness is unmatched. [ Megatron was dumber so there. ] I could should you how a real threat would act, and how quickly you would fail, but I rather not waste my time.

[ He hopes you get eaten by that monster Kazooie! ]

You are no hero that I am familiar with. You must not be much outside your little world.


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A mission?

[He wishes he shared Kazooie's confidence, but he cannot help worrying for the well-being of his friends no matter how well-equipped they may be for dangerous missions.]

... You take care a' y'self, okay?
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[He's tempted to ask what she considers spending them on, but decides that's better left for another time. Like when she returns.]

'kay. [Nod. An' then y'can tell 'bout what y'thinkin' a' spendin' them points on. ...When're y'leavin'?

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[That's one of the other people going on this mission? She sounds... awfully confident. Arrogant, even. That's not necessarily a good thing; pride comes before a fall, after all. And that's especially true in regards to something like this. Going by the information provided so far, this sounded like a rather dangerous mission.

Still, despite that, Joshua's voice is calm when he speaks up. If they're in this together, there's no need to risk antagonizing her.]

I can't say if they'll let us request anything, but it might be a good idea to bring items you think could be useful.

[Considering what they know about the mission so far...] You could, for example, bring something that can counteract poisoning. [He's been working on preparing a few different antidotes himself, at least, just in case one might work if someone is affected by one of the unknown toxins.

...He hasn't quite noticed the journal's snapshot just yet, it seems.]
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[That actually sounds like an apt comparison to him... except for the bit about cheese. That just sounds ridiculous. Cheese can't possibly be as bad as poisonous air, can it...?]

If the toxins the Malnosso mentioned are airborne, it's probably going to be similar to that mine. [And that's what he suspects based on the information available, honestly. Airborne toxins could easily affect someone if they aren't equipped with anything to prevent inhaling them, so that'd explain the Malnosso's insistence on a healer capable of dealing with poison.


There's a moment of awkward silence before the reply actually ends, as if Joshua was considering saying something else but ultimately decided against it. As... weird as that cheese comment was, he's not sure if he really wants to ask about it, even if he's a little curious.]
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Wow, you're going on a mission, huh? What kind of mission is it?
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[She laughs.]

I'm sure you'll do just fine! You should still be careful, though. Everyone makes mistakes, especially when they're overconfident. [The advice isn't delivered in a condescending, pointed tone, like it might be if someone else were talking to Kazooie; Pao-Lin's just speaking in general, and perhaps in her own personal experience.]


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