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Fourth Wall Jiggy | [Voice/Action/Video/EVERYTHING] | From the 28th to the 29th!


[Well, this is weird. There sure are a heck of a lot of people in Luceti today... more than Kazooie's ever seen before. Trotting around the village as usual is getting more and more difficult without bumping into some dumb New Feather-kinda-guy.

... And is it just her or are they missing wings?

Eventually Kazooie gets uncomfortable enough with everything to turn to the journals.]

Someone know why all these weird wingless guys keep showing up...? At this rate there isn't gonna be any room left! I'm not inviting weirdos into my apartment!

[Still, a bird's gotta go out. And so Kazooie can be found around the village, side-eyeing any newcomers. Is there anybody who she recognizes, who will recognize her, or who will otherwise cause shenanigans?]


[Okay, so things haven't gotten any less weird, but Kazooie does not care because today there is a Jiggy in Luceti. Holy crap. It is big and shining and golden and it is right there and she has missed her Jiggies so much.

The aforementioned golden puzzle piece will be rotating quietly in the plaza, waiting for any fun shenanigans to occur near or around it while Kazooie marvels over the video function.]

It's a real Jiggy! I haven't found one of those things since the end of Banjo-Tooie! Maybe the Malnosso-guys finally got off their dumb butts and got me one!

[Care to try to take it from her? Or do you just want to marvel?]
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[Hey Kazooie. While you're busy with the journal Baby Mario here is just going to stroll right on over to the Jiggy and marvel at it with huge eyes.]

Ooooh~! Shiny! [It doesn't take long for the baby to get all grabby hands and try to nap it ans shove it in his pocket. What, it's Mario he has hammerspace pockets. He figures it might be too valuable looking to not belong to someone. But he's a baby he gives no fecks.] Hehehe! Finders keepers!
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Finders keepers!!

[And now he's going to try and stuff it in his pocket faster and turn away from her.]
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[Stray too far from the path, Kazooie, and you'll encounter something that in most video games is shorthand for Bad News. Black mist is coiling about the ground, spreading by the moment, and at its centre is the indistinct figure of a tall woman.]
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[The woman turns when Kazooie speaks, but remains silent. The mist begins rolling towards Kazooie, and as it does, it will allow Kazooie an even clearer view of its source. Now, she'll be able to see the woman's dark clothes, her half mask covering what is clearly a beautiful face, and her long aqua hair.]
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[If the woman has heard Kazooie's question, she gives no indication of it. Instead, when she finally speaks, her words are on an entirely different matter.]

Lay down your burden, child of the skies, and allow me to give you rest.

[Her voice is the same as Grune's--if Grune were ever to speak with a total absence of emotion. The similarities may be difficult to discern, but they most certainly exist.]
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[The woman doesn't react to the threat--not in the slightest.]

It is not my intent to harm you. I seek only to offer you an end to your struggles.