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Fourth Jiggy | [Video/Action] | Backdated to January 18

[Today, there is a little red bird in the snow.

In fact, for the past while, there has been this self-same little red bird in the snow, busying around the plaza at obscene hours. Evidently, she is hard at work, crafting something out of snow in the most inconvenient place possible.

The journal's video opens to Kazooie, piping away on a blue kazoo with the melody of a rather familiar song to anybody who might've played her games... which is probably nobody, but hey. She's playing it rather loudly, too, with little regard for anybody who wants any peace or quiet at this hour. Clearly, Kazooie is not one to respect the property or needs of her fellow Lucetians. Frequent musical embellishes from her instrument - which really serve more to be annoying than anything else, since it's a kazoo - accompany her rendition of Freezeezy Peak's background music.

It's awhile before she stops, tucking the kazoo away safely under one wing before addressing the journal.]

There's a buncha those 'New Feathers' coming to Luceti, right? It's pretty lame here and stuff, what with the dumb Malnosso-guys and their even dumber experiment things that they do all the time...

So, I figured the plaza needed some lightening up! [She grins widely, something that could easily be construed as a casual challenge.] What better way than a big ol' snowman, right? [As she speaks, she pats the side of the oversized snowy form she's constructing; it's done up in the traditional way, albeit rather imposingly oversized. (Not quite as large as its namesake from the real Freezeezy Peak - Kazooie's not that patient, not by a long shot - but definitely a lot bigger than the average snowman.)] This guy's kinda like the one I had back home, at Freezeezy Peak. Luceti looked like it when all those lights and junk like that were up at Christmas, but it doesn't have any background music, so I had to make some!

[She pats another mound of snow into place on the snowman's side.] I was thinking to make 'im life-sized, 'cause the one there had this awesome red-and-yellow scarf and you could go sledding off of that! It's a real blast; there's nothing like it! [She pauses to grin widely into the camera then, smirking at her presumed audience.] Now how much more awesome can you get than that, huh?

We could be doing that right now if you guys'd get your butts down here and help make the biggest snowman ever. It could be even more awesome than the one I'm thinking of!

[Satisfied that her faux-sales pitch has totally grabbed everybody's attention, Kazooie actually goes back to work, pushing the snow into place. From the looks of things, she's going to be here awhile, trying to work on her snowman...]

Man, all this work and I'm not even gonna get a Jiggy out of it. It better turn out as great as I'm hoping!

[So what shall you do, fair citizens of Luceti?

Will you get annoyed at the kazoo playing? Wonder why there's a giant snowman in the square? Pitch in to help? Suggest better options for sledding that are significantly less foolhardy and don't take up the entire plaza?

The choice is yours.]
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[Nice kazoo playing, Kazooie! As a fellow comedic character, Oswald is very iimpressed.]

Hey, count me in! Fresh snow is like beggin' for a snowman and the bigger they are, the harder they make people smile, right? I'll be there!
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Are you kiddin'? I'm the best of the best of the best! I'll make that snowman twice the size of the apartment buildings! [Well, not really. There's not enough snow in Luceti for that. But he'll definitely try!]
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[Someone is listening to that tune on their end and a moment later, Kazooie might pick up someone playing the same tune --or at least trying to-- on their trombone. She happened to be practicing and heard Kazooie playing. Might as well try.]
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Ah, thank you! It was a nice tune, so I wanted to try and play it too. [saying it rather sheepishly as she puts down her trombone] I've never seen a bird play an instrument before. What instrument was that you were using?
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[Voice] It a-ok!

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Ohh, I've never seen anyone play those as well as you before. [more like, never really seen ANYONE play them]

Eh...? Did you know someone with a banjo?
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Hehe. [the names are kinda amusing, particularly Mumbo]

Are all of you part of a band back home?
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Opening credits? [What is breaking 4th wall?]

I'm sure you all sounded amazing. Mumbo-san sounds really talented too, to be able to play all those instruments. Ah, I should introduce myself, my name is Yui Konagi!
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[Eggman might come and help build that snowman if it doesn't turn out like their contest before Christmas. But first he's going to mock Kazooie via video.]

You call that racket music?
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A great deal more than you, apparently, bird brain! I know you only have stubby little wings but you must be able to learn to play something a little more tuneful!
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Ha! This is coming from the one with the giant, fat beak covering her face! I'll have you know I could play any instrument I wanted!
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Is that what you think? Well I bet I could play the dumbest instrument you could name!
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CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! Next time we meet, I will be master of the banjo! You will bow before my musical prowess!
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You'll see it, Kazooie! Or should I say hear it! Ho ho ho!

[And he cuts the feed.]
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[ Annoyed growl. Oh primus you again. Idiotic annoying flying...bird. ]

Your skills at playing whatever that is you're using are almost as bad as your aim. [ Because you totally caused the cave in Kazooie. You and only you. Starscream had no hand in it, none whatsoever. ]
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As if I would do that of my own volition! I'll have you know I was an air commander for a squad of seekers back on my home planet! [ He sounds so annoyed. He doesn't really touch on the other thing. ] And perhaps you are improving in your skills of being annoying.