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Third Jiggy | [Voice/Action] | Event shenanigans for the 27th-28th!


• You will inadvertantly shoplift several times this week.
• You will find a turtle in your laundry.
• Your usually dominant manner is replaced by a coy submissiveness today. Go with it.
• Face facts, you have a dreadful singing voice.

[Kazooie doesn't usually pay much attention to her journal, outside of times where she wants to yammer on to someone or invite someone to go out with her. But anybody's curiosity would be piqued by a bunch of random words appearing, right?

Huh. Kazooie's never heard of this stuff before, but it sounds dumb and annoying and she doesn't like it. Especially not when the piece of crud is making fun of her voice! Her voice is just fine, thank you very much, stupid book!

Irritated, Kazooie goes to huff at the journal system.]

Is everybody's journal-thing being a jerk to them with these stupid words, or am I gonna hafta hit mine with a Grenade Egg?

[Evidently her coy submissiveness hasn't happened yet. Either that, or it doesn't apply to journals.]

These predictions are so dumb! "Submissive"? Me? Pah! I'd sooner stick my face in ol' Stinkpot again! [And she snorts audibly.]

... I bet none of them are gonna come true for me. I'm too awesome to do any of this!

[Spoke way, way too soon, Kazooie.]

What's the dumbest prediction you guys got? And did any of the really stupid junk come true for anybody else?

This has gotta be the lamest thing the Malnosso-guys've done yet!

[Even after she talks to others, though, Kazooie can't get over the journal insulting her. It's consuming her to the point where she's quite deliberately deciding that she's going to go out of her way to make sure that she'll undo every prediction. If she sees a turtle, she'll kick it out on its dumb shell! If she gets a chance to do something, it'll be as dominantly and loudly as possible! She's going to make darn sure she doesn't steal, and she will sing nicely like the bird she is!

... Too bad none of those will work in quite the way she envisions (as unfortunately for her, succeeding at failure is not really success... that was one of the alternate horoscopes she could've gotten, too).

See, whenever she tries to sing today - and it seems that all those repressed cartoony-bird instincts are coming up now; maybe it's the cold? Because it certainly can't be these weird predictions - it ends up sounding like the raucous squawking familiar to anybody who knows Kazooie. Kazooie, of course, thinks it's absolutely fine and not in any way completely atrocious, but anybody with any musical ability whatsoever will wish very intensely that she was playing her kazoo instead. At least it doesn't sound like a cat going through the wringer.

... The lyrics are pretty stupid, too. When it has lyrics and isn't just "la la la" anyway.

Anybody around Kazooie - and occasionally, even the journal system, whenever she leaves it open - will be treated to this oh-so-beguiling chorus. And this may make it obvious when Kazooie indulges in some casual kleptomania over the next few days - see, she's regressing to her video game roots, quite unaware that the objects she's taking (usually small and easily-overlooked objects) aren't hers to take. After all, she's the main character! She's supposed to take everything not nailed down!]

[After all that terrible mess, Kazooie finds herself a little chastised by the repeated complaints of basically everybody. Maybe she should be just a little quieter, right? It couldn't hurt. And maybe she's not as awesome as she thinks if her singing's so bad everybody was eager to shut her up.

So Lucetians will be treated to a surprisingly meek Kazooie on this day (and this day only because Kazooie will steadfastly deny it happened later), actually being relatively quiet and almost shy as she strives not to cause as much annoyance as she did. Her usual loud self might reassert itself occasionally, but even then she'll be subdued and might actually put up with things she wouldn't normally. Maybe this is her long-hidden "dere" side!

Throughout all of this mess... well, chores still have to happen. Including laundry. Let's see what kind of interesting turtles she'll meet...

Actually, come to think of it, this entire event is going to prove to be pretty interesting. But that's Luceti - and Kazooie's life - for you!]
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I wouldn't worry too much about it, they are pretty ridiculous.
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Yeah sure... that'd be my guess too.

[Actually, Marco's completely certain his horoscopes show that the Malnosso are onto him, but he doesn't want to announce that.]
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They were all dumb.

Except for "Good things come in ones." That one is dead-on. Too bad it didn't come alone, eh?
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Yeah, I'm first division commander, so that's pretty applicable, eh.

I'm not sure what to make of buying minors alcohol and adopting a chicken though. How about yours?
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[Oh he totally will. Want a big brother phoenix? >:)]

I'm sure your singing is fine. [Little does he know.]
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[Pffft. Awesome. Well he could do it secretly and just never tell her. Just one introduce her as a baby sister and confuse her. OR he could ask her. Whichever you'd find funniest.]

Ahh.... sure... "awesome" right.
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[Awesome. He will require better timing though B) So it will be a surprise~]

Absolutely. You should show them. And sing for them or something, eh. Although I suppose you wouldn't want to do them any favors.
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[Action] 27th

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[When Kazooie comes back to actually put away the clean laundry she threw on the floor earlier, she will find a most surprising thing: a giant turtle is sleeping on the pile. Possibly even more infuriating than this strange incursion is the fact that one of the predictions has come true.]

[What do, Bird?]
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[It doesn't hurt, exactly, but the sharp tap is certainly enough to rouse him from his slumber.]

But I don't wear clothes...
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[... Oh, hey, you're some kind of mutant flamingo.]

Um... I don't usually do that...
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... Yes? [Both? Neither?]

Wasn't me. Never been there.
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[Curling up again and going back to sleep.]
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[Don pulls his head down, tucking it as far under the rim of his shell as it will go.]

[You won't win this one, Bird.]


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