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Hopefully this won't need anything more specific, but... just to sort of kickstart things, here's permissions for Kazooie!

Feel free to poke this post with any questions or concerns.


Threadhopping with this character?: As long as it's okay with the other mun/s, it's fine with me! Just drop me a line somehow whenever you want. \o/

Backtagging with this character?: I will pretty much backtag forever if you allow me, so this is perfectly fine. In fact, you might have to tell me when to stop backtagging...

Hugging this character?: Pfft, I'm fine with this, but Kazooie probably won't be. She's not exactly the huggy type. Feel free to try, but your character'll probably get pecked in the face, unless she's in a weird mood. She's got some cartoony weird flexibility with her wings, so in the extremely rare (read: pretty much nonexistent) chance she hugs back, it will actually work.

Giving this character a kiss?: Uh. See above but multiply it by... a lot. Kazooie is not very physically affectionate by any means. Plus, she has a beak - though, she's a cartoon, so there's some gray area there. After all, she can play a kazoo... Still, though, chances are if your character tries it, zie will get pecked. Hard. Or zie'll take an Egg to the face.

(Something more intimate?): Kazooie is a cartoon bird, from an E-rated (mostly) series. Though she's aware of sexuality and the like in euphemistic terms according to her dialogue, and... well, she somehow is able to drop Eggs from her behind... she's probably not going to be able to be sexual in any normal way. And this is disregarding the fact there's a snowball's chance during barbecue season in hell that she'll even allow a character to be sexual with her. If, for some reason, this ever comes up with your character and Kazooie, we... should probably talk.

(Relationships?): Your character wants to? Kazooie is not exactly fluffy happy cuddly material here, people. But, hey, it's not impossible - just extremely unlikely. And I mean extremely. Really, if it looks like Kazooie is getting to a place like that with your character, I'll probably be talking to you already.

Punching this character (provided they can fight back): Go ahead! This is something Kazooie's actually used to - random people coming up and punching her, that is. Happens all the time with Grunty's baddies! But be warned - she's not nice and she doesn't fight fair if she can help it. She won't hesitate to shoot a Grenade Egg your character's way if she gets riled up.

(Injury?): Minor injuries are cool, but major injuries I'd rather be warned about in advance. \o/ Note that Kazooie's a cartoon, though, and she'll be damaged/hurt in some strange ways. (Except for her Filial wings - those behave normally for the most part.)

(Death?): I'm willing to have it happen! Just... please talk to me in advance, and I'd prefer if it wasn't a completely meaningless death like "KAZOOIE WALKED TO THE STORE, THEN SHE DIED". 8D But I do expect Kazooie to get in quite a few fights, and not all of 'em will end well for her...

Is there anything you do not want mentioned near this character?: Nope! Kazooie is an asshole and will probably be mean about everything anyway. It's hard to scar her.

Is there anything you need us to know about interacting with this character?: Well, she's a cartoon bird from a fourth-walling humorous video game. As in, the whole game practically fourth-walls itself. As a result, her mindset's... weird - she'll treat her surroundings like another game at first, and probably won't be able to totally shake it for awhile. She's not a nice person by any means - nor is she a traditional hero-type character, and she can be very unsympathetic and just... generally unpleasant.

Still want to talk to her? C8

Anything else, please mention here: That should be it! If you need to contact me for any reason, feel free to PM this journal or poke me on AIM! \o/

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